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Wet Soil Mixing (Deep Soil Mixing method, DSM)

The Deep Soil Mixing (DSM or Wet Soil Mixing method) is an in situ soil treatment technology whereby the soil is blended with cementitious and/or other materials, in order to improve bearing capacity of soil. The cementitious slurry is prepared in automatic mixing plant, such as MA2C-aut plant, or in compact Grouting Sets (GS). Once the slurry is mixed, it is pumped to a drilling hollow auger and mixed with soil at great depths. The complete soil mixing process is monitored and registered with the help of special software, such as Soil Mixing Master, developed by MODEL&CO. The process starts with drilling with low flow, once the auger reach maximum depth, it is withdrawn and higher slurry flow is pumped and mixed with soil until the required soil-slurry mixing ratio is reached.

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