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Grout Injection

Grout pumps are designed for the heaviest duty conditions, the layout of pistons is vertical, this allows long life and very low wear of moving parts, as well as sealing systems. The valves are spherical ball type either bare steel or rubber lined. The valve seats are of high grade steel heat treated to ensure long life. The drive and control system is very reliable, we offer from more simple regulation systems, to the most sophisticaled full electronically controlled systems. It will always be posible to set independently grouting pressure, flow and volumen, the machine will also register grouting variables and will enable the user to save all records via USB drive. The full electronically driven pumps are controlled by a built in computer and tactile screen interface. The main application of these pumps is compensation grouting through injection of pipes fitted with valves, or any job where an accurate control and record of grouting variables is required.

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